Monday, January 30, 2006

World 2.0 Entrepreneurs

The last few days I've been hanging around the borders of World 2.0 wondering if I am doing something completely wrong. Can you imagine - this office I am now sittin and waiting customers to call me costs me 800 euros per month. And what do I get? Well, yes, a fair 40mb fixed IP connection, but a boring empty room 500 miles north from Leningrad, with snow, ice and some hundred miles of bushes between me and the Arctic Ocean. Very few people living around which means there are very few potential customers. Very cold - freezing -25 celsius degree weather.

Compare that to this option:
--wait, where did I put that advertisement... here

It says: Imagine your own island getaway in Second Life! (hrrr... I'd prefer it in this life!)
... Perhaps you have an idea for a huge project which you want to realize, and you just need a lot of open space to build...
And here:
"Islands are priced at US$1,250 for 16 acres. Monthly land fees for maintenance are US$195." Can you imagine! 195 US dollars for 16 acres - that must be 65.000 sq meters! 65,536 m2 to be exact. Owning land in Second Life allows you to build, display, and store your virtual creations, as well as host events and businesses.
The Pricing and Fees are simple; you pay $9.95 a month plus a Land Use Fee proportional to the amount of land you own. Whether it’s a modest nook for a relaxing cottage, or an entire island to build your dream amusement park, land is for everyone."

Picture comes from Torley

Wonder where is this new world? Here!

This is what they have for entrepreneurs:
"There are now 129.643 citizens spending 90.000 US dollars per day.
There are as many opportunities for innovation and profit in Second Life as in the Real World. Open a nightclub, sell jewelry, become a land speculator; the choice is yours to make. Thousands of residents are making part or all of their real life income from their Second Life Businesses.

Look at that street-life!
Picture comes from Torley

Here are some examples of existing businesses:
party and wedding planner
pet manufacturer
casino operator
nightclub owner
automotive manufacturer
fashion designer
aerospace engineer
custom avatar designer
jewelry maker
XML coder
freelance scripter
game developer
fine artist
machinima set designer
tour guide
custom animation creator
lottery operator
theme park developer
real estate speculator
vacation resort owner
private detective
special effects designer
hug maker

She is Torley. She has been guiding me through my first expedition.
Torley's Second Life & techno music Blog is an awesome source of information about Your Second Life.
Picture comes from Torley

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Torley said...

Jouko, got your message... thanx a lot for asking, and for sure you can use my pix. It's very much appreciated!

I wonder what's ahead for avatar interactions. I had a crazy dream once, of cellphone-like devices that functioned as portable, "holographic" projectors too. You could communicate on one, but it'd also have the capability of making you look like your avatar as you walked down the street. A fanciful wish, maybe.

I also hope that SL itself will get more portable--even on a laptop, it has certain system requirements, and also, wireless tends to not work too well with it.

Sounds like we're both in quiet places offline, tho. All the best. :)