Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dream-like faint vision

We are the generation of humans who see the day when there are more intelligent machines than humans on this planet. During the past 10 years some of us have started to see what it really means if the data structures and languages one day become free of the limitations of human brain and the combinations of fragments of knowledge can effectively be produced outside the Cartesian cogito-ergo-sum type of rationalist pressure of high-educated human individuals whose ego is bigger than their brains and who therefore are - without knowing it - unable to do the job they believe they are best at.

Our generation also is the first one who can, in principle record all his life-long dialogues and discussions and keep them stored, tagged and retrievable.

The data-strings posted between the browser applications and servers are potentially immortal but they depend on the existence of a continuos chain of physical vehicles persisting in the face of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Thanks to such companies as MySQL, Google, Flickr and Brainboost now our capacity to record the ideas of the whole mankind, store and retrieve interesting patterns out of these strings exceeds our life-long capacity to produce and consume.

Recently I have started to think that in a very short time period from now to year 2011 we will see a new exciting phase in the evolution of data structures. Then unsupervised inductive artificial intelligent systems are constantly mining the patterns of folksonomies and producing both syntactically and semantically new interesting constructions to be consumed through chat bots or instant messaging systems residing in smart-phone browser applications.

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